The Game

A Live Escape Game is a game where you have to escape from a room. The rule is very simple: you enter a room where something has just happened (a murder, a thief, a disappearance...). The environment immerses you into the story. Behind you, the door closes. To find freedom you've got 60 minutes to progress in the room, look for clues and solve riddles. Fortunately you're not alone, all your team is here to help you succeed.

Our Stories

Room n°1 :

You are French soldiers during the First World War. You are participating in the battles of Verdun. With the rest of your comrades, you find yourself stuck in an underground gallery of "Le Fort de Vaux". You will need to find a way to send a message to the back and run away before the attack of German troops.
Attention, because of our desire to push the immersion to the maximum, this room may not be suitable for claustrophobic people and the youngest.

Room n°2 :

We are in 1950 in the school of boys of Miramont. Your teacher Louis DUPRÉ has ​​just been murdered. By who ? How? Why ? So many questions that remain unanswered until now.
It's too unfair! The criminal must not go unpunished! You manage to steal the keys from the classroom, but as soon as you enter the school, you realize that the task will not be so easy ...



The game is intended for everybody, with your family, friends and colleagues. Because of the complexity of several riddles, the minimum age recommended to be able to participate fully is approximately 12 years old. Players between 12 and 16 years old have to be accompanied by an adult.
There is no need for physical strength or general knowledge. The only thing that you need is logic, focus and team spirit to enable you to get out of the room. A game master outside the room will be observing and will help you if you get stuck.
In order to immerse you fully into the story, you will be locked in. It is nevertheless possible to leave at any time in case of emergency : a key is intentionaly left close to the door.


Each room can accommodate 2 to 5 people. We limit the number of players to 5 because the room cannot hold more people without interfering with the exploration.


Booking is required before taking part in the game. Booking is by phone only. For additional information, you can contact us by e-mail or on Facebook.


All team members should arrive at the booking time. We can refuse a team in case of an important delay in order not to penalize the next team. The game will take approximately 1h30mins : 15 mins to explain the rules, 1h to play and 15 mins of debriefing.


For those who want to warm up their neurons before the real game, we propose you try a little game on our website. The aim is to find hints until you get the mystery word that you will be asked when you visit us. The winners will enter our lottery with the chance to win a free session (2 to 5 players) at the opening of our next room.
Please note that the game doesn't work on phones and tablets.
Let's go! First hint: "Have you ever dreamed of writing on a parchment with a feather? I did!"

Each hint gives you a letter.
Then, you have to put letters in the correct order to find the Mystery Word : _ _ _ _ _